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getting old?

i just realized that my profile picture on here, and probably on twitter, and maybe even tumblr (if tumblr has profile pictures. who the hell knows how to use that shit) is 5 years outdated. did I post this picture because it’s more attractive than I am now? i’m starting to feel a bit old. right now i’m sitting with Tito Patis, Vanilla and Victor and they’re all working on some sort of art or design project. Tito P. is trying to make a Maya project for a portfolio or something, Vic is busy sketching, and Vanilla is trying to pick an illustration project.

I’m thinking of banishing myself to Eve’s area, which I designate as the mommy & baby area, as she’s watching Adam watch Elmo on her laptop.

Vanilla earlier had suggested that I draw with them today and I felt embarrassed because I feel defeated when it comes to art. I’m not planning on going to school and I can’t trick my ego into believing I’ll get a job in the ad industry, at least not on the art side.

I CAN somewhat convince myself into believing I’ll be a copywriter, or even a comedy writer, however.

I was having a hard time earlier deciding what I wanted to do with my life, but somehow blogging about this has helped. I’m going to be a writer!



I used to think being an attorney was a tough job. Then I had kids.

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