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What do you want to be when you grow up and what did you become

Day 8 of blogging and it’s actually getting harder to write. This is due largely to the fact that even though I want to make writing my craft and my (paid) trade, I still treat it secondary because I’m used to my regular routine of working and taking care of Raynor. I keep meaning to make it my priority and try to get it done early on in the day, but I never seem to remember until it’s midnight, Raynor is finally sleeping out of my arms and I’m thinking about my bed.

I never thought my blog would be so much about my baby and motherhood, but it really has become the most important thing in my life. Blame biology or my neurotic habit of obsessing over what I cherish, but I know Raynor is going to be number one in my life, probably forever.

But I too, still have dreams.

“I had dreams once too, you know.” Peanut Butter

I mean, the whole point of this 30-day exercise is to get back into writing, and to warm me up for my first class at UCLA Extension coming up in July. But maybe this writing thing is just another fleeting fancy of mine, brought on by postpartum hormones and being largely confined to our rocking chair. After all, here are some other careers I’ve wished I’d had:

Doctor (until chemistry class in high school)
Doctor Without Borders doctor (sometime in 2000)
Astronaut (4th grade, until I read that you needed perfect vision to be an astronaut and my dreams were crushed)
UN Ambassador
Owner of a dog walking business
Veterinarian (on and off throughout life)
Artist (on and off throughout elementary school, but Tiger Mom squelched that by saying all I could do to make a living as an artist was to be an art teacher)
Journalist (high school through college)
Politician (college)
Film maker
Public Defender (law school, did this for two years)
Lawyer (law school, and post-law school for about two years before realizing what an unfortunate career choice I’ve made)
Ad copywriter (most recently. still want to do this.)
Tina Fey
Krav maga instructor (2005)
Yoga instructor (2010)
Snowboarding resort worker (every winter)
Law professor (120 seconds sometime in 2010 after I left my firm)
Stuntsman/attend ninja training school here in LA (5 seconds)
Costume designer (every time I go to comic con)
Pole dancer (um, nevermind)

I just realized that I actually did have a career in law and I wanted a career in law. Not bad. Now I want a career in writing. Let’s see where this takes me.



I used to think being an attorney was a tough job. Then I had kids.

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