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Day 29 / The Time Machine

It’s amazing how many excuses my brain will come up with to get out of writing. In the evening, when all the work is done for the day and I watch my 4-month-old Raynor snuggled up a few inches away from me, I suddenly get too tired to blog and instead the two of us fall asleep quietly into the night.

In the morning, my mind just doesn’t work quite right.

But now, I really have no excuse other than I’m hungry. But getting up to make food will surely wake the little hellspawn, so I better just keep writing.

I was trying to describe myself the other day and I figured I should just blog about it. One of the great things about journaling about yourself is you get to re-read it in a few years and laugh at how you were and how you’ve changed (so you think). Indeed, the blog is basically an online, intangible time capsule.

WANTED: somewhat insecure but smart 32-year-old stay-at-home lawyer and mother of one human child and two rescue dogs. Has more patience with kids and animals than with her own husband, unfortunately. Is often filled with doubt, easily irritated, and somewhat judgmental of her friends. Into all sorts of crunchy-granola stuff, like boycotting dolphin shows and learning the fine art of composting. A recovering people pleaser. Enjoys snowboarding and yes, walks on the beach.

If someone wrote a personal ad like that, I’d have to answer it because that pretty much sums me up.

Now I just have to wait 5-10 years so I can look back on this post, and laugh.



I used to think being an attorney was a tough job. Then I had kids.

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