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Alone time…now what?

When I get that rare, sweet moment of freedom – where my baby is sound asleep someplace other than in my sweaty arms, or when I have the luxury of a sitter- I’m overwhelmed by a drive to do everything I’ve been wanting to do.

Itd be great if I could only remember what I wanted to do.

This always happens. I imagine this must be how my dogs feel when they manage to escape (which has only happened once). Confused by their sudden liberty, they apparently wandered around my front lawn, began digging a hole, and ended up on the porch waiting to be let in.

Similarly, I am now thinking, what to do, what to do? But I refuse to head over to my inlaws where my husband and son are, and end up trapped again! Don’t they say that longtime prisoners often reoffend just to be reincarcerated again because they don’t know how to “live life on the outside” anymore? Or was that from that one Morgan Freeman movie? what if I no longer know how to live life on the outside?

Ok, wait, I’m getting distracted. I think I’ll spend my time by making a list of things to do when I get free time. That seems smart.

1) shower, shave and brush my hair. And lotion.
2) turn off Facebook
3) blog
4) walk those poor dogs. Maybe give them a bath.
5) plant something in the garden
6) clean my desk
7) catch up on that stack of mail
8) drink tea
9) pump (breast milk, not iron)
10) workout somehow
11) call my mom
12) stroll leisurely through target

This is a sad list. I wish I could put something like “go hang gliding,” “swim with dolphins and sea turtles,” or even “go shopping” but that just seems unlikely to happen at this stage in my life. But that’s ok, because at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere, or anyone else.



I used to think being an attorney was a tough job. Then I had kids.

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