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It was 8pm last night when I came up with the brilliant idea to take Tiny Boss to Target. “No one will be there,” I thought. “Who goes to a Target on a Thursday night?”

Um, apparently only everyone and their eight million kids. It was a madhouse. Carts blocking aisles, kids running all over the place. It struck me that Target is really the defining icon of suburban life, and where the middle class watch their pay checks disappear. knows what’s up when it comes to shopping at Target.

I also realized this was the best place for a preview of the years to come. What it’s like having more than one kid. What it’s like having three kids. What it’s like having three boys? The unpredictability of toddler behavior. How loud can one kid really scream?

CRumsLk - Imgur

Pretty much sums up my Target experience last night.

See, I want to have another kid. And I think having them closely spaced is a good thing, you know, so they can play together. Although the mom at Short Fat Dictator is giving me the whoa nelly. And some days I’m so tired that I have no idea what I would do if I had to chase after two kids, put two kids down for a nap, or feed two kids.

I had no idea what to expect with just one, so I’m a little afraid of having another one. But growing up an only child has convinced me that I should have two. Although then my friends who grew up with only one sibling tell me that they were lonely, so maybe three’s the number. Wait, but my husband, he had four kids in the family and they’re all so happy and well-adjusted…


Let’s just see how #2 goes. That is, if we’re lucky enough to have a second one so Tiny Boss can have a brother or a sister and I can start working on procuring more gray hairs.


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