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Remind Me Again, Why Do I Want a Second One?

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If I feel like this and I only have one kid . . .

I am so exhausted. Yeah, I know. Every mom is exhausted.

But today is just one of those special days where you feel like you slept on a bed made of lincoln logs and legos, and someone added Xanax to your coffee. Actually, I didn’t have any coffee today, but Xanax would probably help.

At toddlerhood, or around the age of 1, our children start going from two naps to one. I know this because I read it on Facebook (everything on Facebook is true) and I’m assuming that’s what is happening to Tiny Boss. But it’s just so tiring.

Now that it’s been 13 months, Tiny Boss has finally mentally beaten me into submission and I no longer expect things like uninterrupted sleep, pooping in peace, or a clean house. Taking him out to eat will always result in unprovoked screaming, food on the ground, and myself wondering why I am still taking him out to restaurants.

So why do I want a second one? This must be the answer:




I used to think being an attorney was a tough job. Then I had kids.

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