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$40, shorts, a videogame and some promises

FATHERSDAYlargerA little over a year ago, I was livid because my husband forgot it was Mother’s Day. Today, humble pie was served, since I had completely forgotten it was Father’s Day. Well, that it applied to my husband, anyways. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to know I had forgotten, or if he knew I forgot, he didn’t let on.

I asked him last night what he wanted and he said he didn’t want anything. I asked him today and got answers ranging from a videogame about an alien fungus invasion that turns people into zombies but they’re not zombies to some shorts at PacSun to . . . $40.

First off – the shorts. My husband, who can be maddeningly impractical (this is what I got for my 32nd birthday), can be just as maddeningly practical. The man needs shorts. Fine.

But really, $40? That’s all you want? Turns out the $40 was for an art tutorial video, which he already bought just 20 minutes ago. But no matter. I can certainly gift $40 . . . but this is his big day tomorrow. Isn’t it?

Biting my lip, I generously offered: “You want a day off too? Like I did for Mother’s Day? Why don’t you meet up with Vic and Tyrone and draw at Starbucks or whatever it is you guys do for hours there.” (Note: My husband is a professional artist but I swear those Starbucks sessions are a living example of the law of diminishing returns).

He just grunted.

I know he can't talk yet, but if he could, this is what he would say. Source: Pinterest

I know he can’t talk yet, but if he could, this is what he would say.
Source: Pinterest

So here is my gift, unwrappable but hopefully valuable, to both of us:

  • I will remember Father’s Day next year.
  • I will refrain from angrily judging my husband’s parenting style. I have never wanted to be a shrew or, in more modern terms, a castrating biatch. I will not say things like “watching Tiny Boss does not mean sitting there and yelling for him to come to you” or “how much TV are you guys going to watch?” I will refrain. Within reason.
  • I will be generous with my compliments. He’s a good dad. He’s a good husband, and a good man. I’ll remember this, and I’ll say it more.
  • I’ll stop rolling my eyes, even if it’s unseen by anyone. I like to think I don’t really do this anymore, but I know I have done it, just out of his view. I’ve read before that eye-rolling is a sign of trouble in a relationship and it shows the eye-roller’s contempt for his or her spouse. I don’t think our relationship is in trouble, but I certainly don’t want to be contemptuous.


  • Tiny Boss has taught me patience. I will use that patience with my husband. Heck, might as well use it with everyone.
  • I’ll make better use of our time together. I will remember that these are the good old days, before they become the good old days.

Oh, and the $40, shorts and video game.

What about you? What did you get the dads in your life this Father’s Day?



I used to think being an attorney was a tough job. Then I had kids.

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