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It’s a Girl!! Now What?


We found out yesterday at our anatomy ultrasound that we’re having a girl! It was a big day for us too, since this was the same ultrasound that showed us Tiny Boss’ cleft lip when I was carrying him two years ago. Fortunately, everything looks intact with the face and lips, although as far as birth defects go, I know we were lucky that Tiny Boss only had a cleft lip and cleft palate. If I had to choose one of the congenital birth defects, I wouldn’t choose any other one.

After the ultrasound, I started thinking what I should blog about and I’ve been coming up with . . . absolutely nothing.


I have to admit, I’m a little freaked out by having a girl, so I’ve been dealing with mostly just the logistical side of things – baby names, the compulsion to buy pink onesies and those adorable cute flower headbands, how diaper changing is different between boys and girls.

It’s funny, because I am quite obviously female, but I feel like I am at a loss as to how to raise a daughter. How am I supposed to teach her self-respect and strength? How can I help build a positive image of herself and her body at a young age? How do I explain things like double standards and glass ceilings, or the more violent aspects of gender inequality?

At least I can start memorizing Tina Fey’s awesome “Mother’s Prayer for Her Daughter.”

Well, I guess I’m getting ahead of myself. Like with all things parenting, I’ll start by taking one step at a time. Plus, I’m sure my many friends who have daughters will offer me invaluable advice and wisdom. So for now, I’ll just celebrate and continue the name debate with my husband . . . Mina, Claire, Brynn, Avery, Erin . . .



I used to think being an attorney was a tough job. Then I had kids.

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  1. Jessica McLin

    Congrats! You’ll be an awesome mama and role model (as you are with Evan) to your little girl! As far as I can tell, you don’t need to buy anything pink because you will be inundated! Trust me, pink will be everywhere!


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