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My First Step Towards Meal Planning


Meal planning. Am I doin’ it right?

I’ve been throwing around the idea of meal planning for a while now. When it was just a little family of three – me, Tiny Boss and my husband – putting a meal together was easy (although I didn’t know it back then). In the Cerritos/Artesia area where I live, there is no shortage of inexpensive and tasty Chinese, Korean and Filipino food. Give the kids some rice, the husband some meat and dinner is served.

But now with two kids, getting out of the house was a challenge itself. You have to get their shoes on (which takes about two days, if you’re lucky) and everyone seated in their appropriate car seats. Then when you finally get to the restaurant you get to choose your poison. You can either:

1) dine in even though the kid-to-parent ratio is not in your favor, which is basically the cosmic equivalent of giving the universe two middle fingers, or

eff2) drive home clutching your hard-earned food while its deliciousness circulates through the car, taunting all hangry kids within a half-mile radius.

Either way, there will be consequences.

screwedAhem. So back to meal planning. There’s plenty of sites that have good menus, tips, and ideas (see here, here and here). But the first step is this:

Write it down. Be clear on what you want to cook on what day. Buy a good dry erase board, which you can get at Amazon here. It’s officially known as the “frameless Quartet Magnetic Dry-Erase Weekly Organizer, 6 x 10 Inches, Daily Planner.”

I like this one because it’s organized by days of the week and has enough room for one or two meals a day. Plus it comes with magnets on the back so it can stick right onto your fridge.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I don't get any money for this. I'm actually trying to be helpful. For once.

This is NOT a sponsored post so no, I don’t get any money for promoting this dry erase board. I’m actually trying to be helpful. For once.

This magical board has already helped me:

1) remember what I need to cook,

2) keep me focused on what I’m prepping without getting sidetracked,

3) help me pencil in leftovers for meals so they aren’t forgotten and

4) reduce food waste at our house.

IMG_9863I love it.

How do you guys do meal planning?